Iron Sights
Graphic Novel (120 Pages)
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Iraq War veteran inadvertently starts a border war when he rescues a beautiful woman from a cartel!
IRON SIGHTS is a hard-boiled action drama set on the border... told in the trashy tone and fun style of a 1990s Straight-To-Video DVD!
If you like Quentin Tarantino crime flicks, John Woo Heroic Bloodshed movies or modern films like NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, HELL AND HIGH WATER or SICARIO, then you'll love IRON SIGHTS!
Story, Script & Lettering
Richard C Meyer
Carlos Ivan Silva
Ibai Canales
Cover by
Kelsey Shannon
Poster by
Sashi Perdigao
Promotional Art by
Bob Stone
Chapter 1 Preview
Cover & Poster Art
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